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We love your pets as much as you do. On this page you will find helpful information on nutrition, diet, pet care and lots of other helpful tips. So check back often for more information on our products and what’s happening at our store!

Tail Waggin’s: More Than Just a Dog Bakery

Tail Waggin’s Dog Bakery started off with healthy, high quality dog treats, (hence the name Dog Bakery), but has evolved into so much more than just baked goods. Tail Waggin’s offers a holistic approach to dog and cat’s health in that it offers alternatives to health...

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Why You Should Shop Small Business

I am not one to shop competition to check out what they are selling or prices. I feel like I am different in that I am customer focused, American focused and small company focused, not so much price focused. Yet, I made an interesting discovery over the weekend. My...

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Botflies In Cats

A customer came to me recently and was told his cat had a Botfly larvae (maggot). I will tell you, this was not one I was familiar with and the research was unnerving. I feel this is valuable information as Botflies can infest cats, dogs, rodents, rabbits and even...

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